Return of the Fridges 925

What is it? Asked the highway inspector; it’s art… said the director of the fridge recycling company.. Ok! Said the inspector. When making big temporary installations, always take into consideration it might last much longer than planned. Intended for 3 months, the fridge wall lasted for 4 years before it became recycled as we temporary parked the factory’s resource in this installation – old fridges.

The Lithuanian recycling company EMP had mountains of fridges to be recycled in front of their refrigerator recycling plant. The idea was to give the factory a positive visual connection with the Lithuanian landscape and the passing highway. It was more than logical to use semi-recycled fridges (no cooling fluids, no electrics) as a building material, because it was available onsite. We used 800 fridges to build the 3dimensional wall with windows and a balcony to the surrounding nature. After finishing the construction works we illuminated a chosen amount of fridges creating the so-called ‘Frixel’, a hybrid of fridge and pixel.

dimensions: length 100m, height 4 m
material: one way plastic pallets and cable ties
construction type: brick layout stacking with steel wrap ties
lights: colour tlc