Pixel Palace 604

Really cheap one-way pallets can bend just slightly to facilitate architecture.

Pixel Palace was constructed in 2015 for the Astana Art Festival – the first open-air event of its kind in Kazakhstan. Inspired by the long tradition of the region’s nomadic culture, Refunc successfully established a dialogue between tradition and modernity. The iconic shape of a mobile yurt was realised from industrial waste materials, therefore provoking important questions about the future. The world’s resources and their management have an increasing influence on our daily lives and are the key issues for today’s economies. The installation provided a playful way of introducing these challenges to the general public. Visitors drawn by the familiar shape were surprised by the new and experimental use of one-way shipping pallets. Refunc transformed usually invisible plastic elements into a primary construction ingredient, giving it a high architectural and graphic value.

dimensions: diameter 6m, height 4 m
material: one way plastic pallets and cable ties
weight: 560 kg
construction type: dome
method: cable ties
lights: tlc with color filters

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