Katowice, Polen, 2011-08-19

Breathing House installation with re-used billboards

In order to activate an unused building in the center of Katowice, we re-used large-scale advertisement material and made facade elements which breathe by means of air being inhaled and exhaled and so changing the shape of the installation.

We engineered and produced hand-sewn breathing ‘organs’ consisting of big-scale cushions, blower, timers, and stretchable covers of billboard material tobring the facade alive. Sound and light broaden the activity.

The list of gratitude is endless:

Rondo Sztuki for making it all possible
Anna Hora and David Nickel who managed the production
Marek Mazur for controlling day and night and what is where
our most amazing sewing ladies
all technical team of Rondo Sztuki’s production crew
the unstoppable armada of volunteers
our crane machinists for their patience
Denis Oudendijk, Kay Klop, Damian vd Velde and Bart Groenewegen for advice

our thanks to Stroom Den Haag

project by Jan Körbes and Matylda Salajewska