Rotterdam, NL, 2018-02-06

Experiment with 10 materials towards circular economy and zero waste practice.

We re-used our own products in the shape of waste wood table surfaces and transformed them into a 10m long office landscape with many functions as office desk, standing tables, wine bar, bookshelves, podium and lounge.

REFUNC_Milgro_Table_0048 REFUNC_Milgro_Table_0263REFUNC_Milgro_Table_0338   REFUNC_Milgro_Table_0178REFUNC_Milgro_Table_0310

design: Denis Oudendijk and Jan Körbes
team: Ivo Bakker, Toon Kennedij, Damian & Kilian van der Velden, Bart Groenewegen, Rene Miles, Anna Vendemia

client: Milgro waste management