Haren, Groningen, 2017-07-24

the Hortus Hermitage Project in the middle of Hortus Haren in Groningen.

A self sustaining retreat for two persons, built in the middle of the botanical garden of Haren, near the city of Groningen in the Netherlands

Made from two used¬†silo’s and leftover materials from the botanical garden, placed in an earth wall connecting two gardens

Refunc designed and built this little jewel, in close contact with the artists duo Rose de Beer and Sjaak Langenberg who were responsible for the social framework and who invited us.

REFUNC_Hortus_Hermitage_0142-HDR_S-1-1400x933 REFUNC_Hortus_Hermitage_0063_S-1400x932 REFUNC_Hortus_Hermitage_0814-HDR_S-1400x932 REFUNC_Hortus_Hermitage_0829-HDR_S-1400x932 REFUNC_Hortus_Hermitage_0969-HDR_S-1400x932 REFUNC_Hortus_Hermitage_0984-HDR_S-1400x932 REFUNC_Hortus_Hermitage_0003_S-1400x932


Denis Oudendijk, Jan Korbes, Damian van der Velden, Bart Groenewegen, Julius klimas, Tassja Kissing, Toon Kennedy


many thanks to the wonder full people of the Hortus and Taak for their support

more refunc silo projects on silo city.space, photographs by Ishka