July 2016, Torún, Poland
water bottle pavilion at Vision festival 2016

900 plastic water bottles turned into architecture in 4 days.
Temporary solution providing space for workshops and public use. We built x-shape components which add up to a complete structure so it can be used several times and at different locations.

Plastic water containers made from PET (Polyethylene-Terephtalate) are mainly used only once. 21% are recycled, 30% are burnt for energy recovery, the rest are landfilled or end up as litter in the natural environment.

AQUAPOLIS is an extension of the life cycle of plastic bottles on a bigger scale. Turning them into architecture demonstrates the potential as building material.
thanx to Matylda Salajewska for curating and the production team of Toruńska Agenda Kulturalna photography by Ishka Michocka

dimensions: 8*5*3 m
material: 5l and 20l PET water bottles
weight: extreme lightweight
construction type: cross-frame/dome
method: twist-lock/cable ties/plastic wrap

project by Jan Körbes and Julius Klimas
inspired by Denis Oudendijk