April 2016, Berlin, Germany

Temporary conference space and interior concept at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW). Zero waste solutions with in-house materials for Anthropocene Campus: The Technosphere Issue

Analysis of all in-house materials gave us the answer how to create one more needed conference room. Stage construction materials combined with Refunc custom adapters became acoustic and visual walls, PVC curtains entrance doors and curtains acoustic mass. Backlit construction foil became the connecting material to create a visual identity throughout the floating space.

thanks to the incredible HKW team for support
with Henning Röhrborn and Michael Wolke
project by Jan Korbes and Kim Laugs
concept advice by Denis Oudendijk
photography by Ishka Michocka

REFUNC_HKW_Berlin_0035 REFUNC_HKW_Berlin_0113 REFUNC_HKW_Berlin_0049 REFUNC_HKW_Berlin_0072 REFUNC_HKW_Berlin_0016 REFUNC_HKW_Berlin_0217 REFUNC_HKW_Berlin_0092