The Hague-Berlin,  March 2013

Experimental living concept in the context of mobile and dynamic architecture
Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands, realization March 2013
First Mobile Location Berlin-Moabit, Germany, July 2013

Mobile house experiment on 13m2 built from an old grain silo and many re-used materials. Working example of mobile vertical architecture in public space. First prototype as example for minimal  solution of low-cost, energy-saving, and small footprint housing.

After 3 years of successful living under the influx of dynamic and transforming public space in Berlin, we allow the silo to transform into its next stage: a short-term residence at ZKU Center for art and urbanistics. Any given location is welcome as the silo house is always ready to move.

project by Jan Körbes and Denis Oudendijk,

with Bart Groenewegen , Boris Duijneveld , Damian van der Velden, Kay Klop , Anton Kennedy, Ritse Mol , George Koeze , Juan Manuel Giraldo , Joris Huber , Jannick Besamusca , Sonja Volmer, Caspar Thomsen, Paulina Anna Galanciak and Liuka Ona Körbes.

Engineering by G.Henkens and K. Cekem /Aronsohn

thanks to Stroom Den Haag for making it possible

photography by Ishka Michocka

REFUNC_SILO_1_2307_ph_ishka_michocka REFUNC_SILO_outside_2659_fb+logo REFUNC_SILO_2_2463_ph_ishka_michocka REFUNC_SILO_2_2570_ph_ishka_michocka REFUNC_SILO_1_2394_ph_ishka_michocka