October 2015, Eindhoven, Nederland
Urban pavilion out of scaffolding and shrinkwrap with Erik Kessels

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2015 for SintLucas Academy.

SintLucas students performed a week-long marathon of solving design problems inside the chicken.
Refunc challenged standard scaffolding material into organic 3D shapes covered by a translucent waterproof climate skin. On an urban scale, the chicken squatted Eindhoven’s Ketelhuis square with its pirateship-like dimensions.

dimensions: 15×8 m, height 10 m
method: scaffold/shrinkwrap
construction: Stageco Nederland
lights: highway gas discharge lamps

project by Denis Oudendijk, Jan Körbes, Damian van der Velden, Bart Groenewegen
creative concept by Erik Kessels
thanx to Matthijs van Gageldonk, Floor Opheij and Josha for assistance
photography by Ishka Michocka