TERSCHELLING , 2013-09-26

For OEROL 2013 , sense of place, we designed, built and managed 4 projects, which consists of 3 landmarks and a mobile waste lab with workshops and demo\’s, all made from locally available materials.

To create an overall character we deciced to use used buoys all over the island and create one language in recognition of the festival.

– a portable dunescape from pallets, with building system for future use for the festival

– a super landmark from used buoys, a clear cut line 650 m long to mark the \’green beach\’

– a wrapped buoy and a car.. connecting the maritime industrial with the rural vocabulair

– a guiding flow of buoys towards the entrance of the main festival ground

– a superpixel light installation from used pallets and agricultural plastic

– to link everything together we used sand graffiti to give a sense of place

– a salvaged container, combined with a used beach pavilion, turned into a \’wastelab\’








project team Denis Oudendijk, Bart Groenwegen, Damian van der Velden, Jan Korbes, Boris Duijneveld, Thijs Masthoff, Isis Hoos, Peer Pheifer and Sonja Volmer.

special thanks to oerol and boomhuttenfest for their support