The Hague, 2011-02

‘made in maakhaven’
project by refunc for hoogtij, the cultural route along artist initiatifs and gallery’s
mission statement:
to create more outside visibility for hoogtij and to combine bike and public sitting function, as in the hague you need a permit for a bench on the pavement in front of your ‘shop’, we avoid the problem
to make the activities of ‘maakhaven’ more visible in the art-ciruit in the hague centre.
refunc asks the builders to make their own interpretation of the mission statement so it could also be just another social interactive function attached to a bike or even home-trainer..

project will grow into ‘mobile micro architecture’, first bike second sitting, third a roof, fourth a facade, fifth to be able to sleep…so look out for them in your city-centre…

project initiated and led by denis oudendijk
a special thank you to mike van bohemen for the liters of white containerpaint and welding-equipment and to marianne van poortvliet and sieds for painting and to hoogtij for their confidence in our action.
build by raul lemessof, boris duijneveld, jan korbes, kay klop, toon kennedy, bart groenewegen, peter konings, marcel kaars, denis oudendijk etc. etc.