Biddinghuizen, Netherlands 2008-08

urban scale light installation for music festival Lowlands from re-used watertanks
another year another chance
we decided to use the 240 water tanks from our last year’s installation in a completely different way. no more geometrical and structured composition but pure chaos, torsion, and twist. some people of the lowlands staff asked us if our installation was hit by a storm…this just confirms that we are on the right track to make a different installation from the same stuff every year.
it is now another short week left before the festival, so let’s see how we will finish it up. if the result will carry the vibes of our fantastic team, we will be very happy peopletjes

project by Jan K├Ârbes and Denis Oudendijk
with help from Bart Groeneweten, Thijs Masthof, Isis Hoos, Kay Klop, Dirk Overduin, Bas de Boer, Joep