The Hague, Netherlands, 2006-06

Installation of a facade on the former Dutch Ministery of Finance hosting students diploma exhibition. To attract more attention to the exterior, we installed 800 car tyre sidewalls as a moving curtain with night illumination.
We had a team of 3 of us, 3 days to go and a very tight budget to change the modernistic façade of the Ministery of Finance into a lively installation, drawing attention to the art academy’s exhibition inside. It was come, see and go project without any time to hestitate or doubt. Our idea was clear after a few minutes and we decided to re-use car tyre sidewalls, which were a left-over from our MAISONGOMME  project. The tyre curtains were swinging in the wind and put incredible shadows on the concrete walls behind – at night stroboscope light illuminated the installation. In order to not only draw attention but also give a direction we placed functional car tyre objects in front of the entrance and marked the route from the academy to the ministery by single car tyre sidewalls.

project by Denis Oudendijk, Jan Korbes and Kay Klop