July 2008, Vilnius, Lithuania
floating architectural installation to promote the river and its banks as active public spaces

Lithuanian cultural platform KULTFLUX invited a group of international students and organized different workshops at and on the river. Intention was to draw attention and activate the river as public space including its banks and concrete promenades. Locals rarely used the river spaces of Vilnius and consider the streaming water as dangerous.
We decided to re-use tanks from the food industry and busted the myth that a 1000 liter tank can carry a load of 1000 kg floating on water. Our tryouts in the water with deformed tanks put us back to reality and made us change construction ideas. Finally with a reliable technique we constructed a main structure with an inside pool and an island connected with a bridge to it.
We disassembled and used all parts of the industrial tanks to make the structure stable enough to walk on. At night the whole installation is illuminated and doubles in size by reflection.

Project by Jan K├Ârbes
with Dirk Overduin, Eva, Giedre, Egle, Elva, Arkadius, Onno

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