September 2008, Biennale di Venezia, Italy

anticontextual but functional car tyre installation at the architecture biennale in Venice
We were invited to create a functional onsite installation for the biennale from used car tyres. But as Venice is one the few cities in the world without tyres we doubted on the material. And indeed the organizers had to pay a huge amount to the boat transport maffia to get our 50 tyres from the cargo port to the expo location at Giardini…and we then had to defend our ‘treasure’ tyres against boat captains who wanted to use them as fenders…
We washed and cut our tyres, then made a tryout for our dead-end lounge installation as the routing does not continue. So we wanted people not just to pass by but walk around it and even stay for a while. We tried to provoke this by adding 2 clearly understandable sittings.

Project by Mantas Lesauskas, Denis Oudendijk and Jan KorbesIMG_6150IMG_8952 IMG_8954