2007-11 Karoo desert, South Africa

Installation camp based on interaction with the direct context at the burning man regional festival in the desert.

Challenge of this project were the far-out location with its extreme climate and the fact that we had to do it with what we had. We invited tire crafters Thulani and Bulelani from the New Crossroads Township to join us, after we worked together with car tyres during the cascoland project in 2006. The Karoo desert quickly taught us our limits with its 45 degree midday temperature and occasional sand storms (which completely ate our tents).
With for our standards an extremely small amount of used car tires, we decided to build an oversized scorpions after meeting a real one. The resulting sculpture grew every day and adapted its tail to wind direction and strength (sometimes tail on the ground). It was illuminated at night until our small generator died from desert sand infection.
Our car tire camp was naturally changing its shape daily in order to be able to protect us from strong sun and wind. After waking up in the night was an ear full of sand in our broken-down tents, I decided to create a wind-driven trike from other artists’ leftovers. After a few modifications we managed to windskate quite some distances with serious speed. The missing steering device was not a big problem in this relatively empty surrounding.