REFUNC designs and builds

REFUNC is logical therefore ecological

REFUNC fascilitates the threshold

REFUNC investigates

REFUNC thinks

REFUNC plays


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Den Haag, 2014-22-09

For Todaysart Festival we developed the outdoor container concept at the former Norfolk Line Terminal, where shipping containers and trailers to and from England were handled. Stacking, folding, shifting containers for a better world.

project team: Denis Oudendijk, Jan Korbes, Bart Groenewegen, Damian van de Velden, Frank Niessen and Floor Opheij




Delft, 2014-09-08

For CAR ART we developed the refunc mobile village, based on used electric vans, so called spijkstaals ( brand)

we made a shop, a workshop an info desk, a mobile cinema and of course the overall image

project by Denis Oudendijk, Damian van der Velden and Bas Helleman

met dank aan stroom den haag voor de financieele bijdrage en id 11 voor de organisatie

foto 4

foto 2 foto 5  foto 3

Gelsenkirchen, 2013-29-09

For ‘Urbane Kunst Ruhr’ we developed the ‘Opel Ohne Ende’, where a Refunc team took an Opel Corsa apart in the search for those special parts which wanted their function revisited and changed, all with the help of local space and craftsmanship…we are waiting for the results…but the taking apart was fun!

project team: Jan Korbes, Bart Groenewegen, Damian van de Velden, Marieke Huberts, Frank Niessen and Billy Matthews


DSC_4093_Edit_Web DSC_2970_Edit_Web

IMG_2545 IMG_2494 IMG_2419 IMG_2550

Amsterdam, 2014-20-04

For DGTL FESTIVAL we designed the Revolution Factory, where plastic cups from the festival are recycled and turned into garbage bins on the spot.

In Refunc tradition we re-used parts of former installations and re-combined them to facilitate the project.

Refunc is responsible for the machines which gather the cups and the look and feel of the total factory, the making of the bins is a project by Dirk van der Kooij from Zaandam, who makes very impressive products.

project by Denis Oudendijk, Jan korbes, Bart Groenewegen, Brigitte Aarts (DGTL), Dirk en Willem van der Kooij




Amsterdam, 2014-01-19

For Retriever a Media Database Company, we designed and build a new kantine/office space. The problem was the small size of the room so we decided to make it even smaller, by making a space in a space we made the office feel bigger.

Materials used are leftovers from the mould of an art piece , plastic parts from a manufacturer of fishing boat interiors, perspex leftovers from a plastic company that went bankrupt, a glass plate and some lighting fixtures.

project by: Jan Korbes, Damian van der Velden and Job Salzher



IMG_3543 copy



The Hague, 2013-09-26 For Optrek – Binckhorst we designed a mobile unit which incorporates the waste flows in the area and turns these into a showcase. A mobile unit which can be taken apart and function as a placemaker, autonomous and highly visible..

project by Denis Oudendijk with Sabrina Lindemann ( optrek-binckhorst)

kiosk270214 SOLO-OPEN mobielekiosk002

Berlin, 2014-6-19

Open Studios, performances and installations

Refunc Silo City presented the Fire Powered Hot Tank Tub and other installations

DSC01353 DSC01476 DSC01510DSC01662 DSC01667 DSC01671

The Hague, 2014-03-07

For Hoogtij, Refunc teams up with Haagse Hapjes and turns the Refunc Alley in the smallest restaurant in the Western Hemispere…

location Spui 229a, open from 7-11


Berlin, 2014-03-12

For Tirendo Berlin a new fresh modular interior concept


project by Jan Körbes and Denis Oudendijk en Damian van der Velden, with special thanks to Billy Matthews, Michael Birn, Valentin Runge and ZKU 



Wrocław update for project ‘Onion’


A few days taking care….


Bordeaux, 2011-08-01

Invited by Eric Troussico, the curator for Evento 2011, we designed and build a mobile unit consisting of two old Peugot pickups and  two trailers. The mission was to create a mobile cinema/radio/workshop/theatre station. The main problem was to build the units in such a way that the construction was considered as a load and not as a structural part of the car, meaning we could take it of with 6 bolts…

project by Jan Korbes, Denis Oudendijk, Boris Duijneveld and impossible without the team of  Frédéric Latherrade from Buy.Self

IMG_1149  IMG_1407  IMG_1477

Washington, 2014-01-20

Invited by mDIL to give a lecture and workshop for a mix of student from different backgrounds, all focused to create a mobile space from local trash..

project by Jan Körbes and Denis Oudendijk, impossible without Valerie, Natalya and Adam

also see  Article and







Rotterdam, Netherlands 2013-05-10

Interior of garbage advice company as explanatory playground for materials and resources

project by Denis Oudendijk, Jan Körbes, Damian van der Velden, Bart Groeneweten and many others

photography by Christian van der Kooy and Jan Körbes

Milgro BG 01 CvdK

IMG_2649 IMG_2641 IMG_2626 IMG_2710 IMG_5552 IMG_8997 Milgro Kantine 04 CvdK IMG_9003


Rotterdam, 2014-01-19

For Wastelab, a Milgro company we are working on a mobile wastelab. We are reusing a German Mail Van in all it’s former glory and adapting it Refunc-style. project by: Denis Oudendijk, Bart Groenewegen, Jan korbes, Damian van der Velden

wastlab sectionplan_1




The Hague, 2014-08-01

Project for Kust & Zee

Design for educational workshop shipping container playset

shipping containers, old sails, used revolving shutters, used windows, discarded fishing crates, oil drums

project initiated by: Denis Oudendijk with Lotte Kaufmann for Kust&Zee


Amsterdam, 2014-05-01

Project for HORTUS VU

Invited by ZONE2SOURCE to do a project in the Amstelpark (the former Floriade exhibition grounds) to make an installation related to the history and the context of the location, we decided to re-use all our pixel pallets, our stylish billboards for the Amsterdam Museum N8 and create a pixel palace, architecture made from light…and trash, anyway a functional space for discussions and lectures concerning the situation of the Hortus in time, from 5th of january till 23 of february in Amstelpark Amsterdam

project by : Denis Oudendijk with Damian van der Velden and the lovely volunteers of the Hortus and Zone2 Source, special thanks to Alice Smits and Maarten van Bodengraven






Amsterdam, 2013-12-12

Teaser for project in Amstelpark

project by : Denis Oudendijk with Damian van der Velden and George Koeze





The Hague, 2013-11-09

Mini festival workshop Masterclass try-out for

Multiple teams will work 12 hours and build a mobile house from scrap

George Koeze, Damian van der Velden, Toon Kennedij, Kay Klop, Bart Groenewegen, Frank Niessen, Andries Micke, Denis Oudendijk and Katharina Coufalova.

location Maakhaven, 1ste lLulofsdwarsstraat 60, The Hague


produced by : Denis Oudendijk, Damian van der Velden and Bart Groenewegen




The Hague, 2013-23-11

Designing Modules for IB-City Project

Autonomous Mobile Micro Architecture Units based on IBC-tanks

project by Denis Oudendijk and more



Amsterdam, 2013-09-01

For Urban Campsite Amsterdam we were asked to create a mobile sleepingplace or something else.. by chance we had a leftover skigondola which we used as polish wodka and coffee bar during the opening.

Seeing how kids liked to play in the unit we decided to just adapt the doors and leave it as is… to play!

project by denis oudendijk and bart groenewegen



TERSCHELLING , 2013-09-26

For OEROL 2013 , sense of place, we designed, built and managed 4 projects, which consists of 3 landmarks and a mobile waste lab with workshops and demo’s, all made from locally available materials.

To create an overall character we deciced to use used buoys all over the island and create one language in recognition of the festival.

– a portable dunescape from pallets, with building system for future use for the festival

– a super landmark from used buoys, a clear cut line 650 m long to mark the ‘green beach’

– a wrapped buoy and a car.. connecting the maritime industrial with the rural vocabulair

– a guiding flow of buoys towards the entrance of the main festival ground

– a superpixel light installation from used pallets and agricultural plastic

– to link everything together we used sand graffiti to give a sense of place

– a salvaged container, combined with a used beach pavilion, turned into a ‘wastelab’








project team Denis Oudendijk, Bart Groenwegen, Damian van der Velden, Jan Korbes, Boris Duijneveld, Thijs Masthoff, Isis Hoos, Peer Pheifer and Sonja Volmer.

special thanks to oerol and boomhuttenfest for their support

THE HAGUE, 2013-09-13 For Todaysart we guided students from the Royal Academy of Art’s master interior architecture ‘ Inside’ to create a ‘biergarten’ from standard office materials

Project by : Denis Oudendijk and the students from Inside, special thanks to Erik Jutte and Frank Niessen



st Petersburg, Russia, 2013-07-14

For ‘Orange Days’ festival in st Petersburg Refunc was asked to activate the public space at ‘New Holland’, commisioned by curator Alesssandra Pradin

We chose to work with readily available materials such as pallets and cartyres. On site the plans changed every day until we got a grip on the site, hence the name ‘General Dynamics’.  We discovered a new way to stack pallets and turned a dead empty corner into a dynamic space.

project by Jan Körbes and Denis Oudendijk, special thanks to Andre and Sacha


IMG_4766 IMG_4801 288 286

Enschede, 2013-09-05

REFUNC i.s.m. Arno Scheper

‘Panopea Generosa’ – een architectonische belevings sculptuur

In Enschede bouwt collectief Refunc i.s.m. audiovisueel kunstenaar Arno Scheper een zinnenprikkelende belevings sculptuur, waarin de bezoeker zich kan overgeven aan een erogene totaalervaring gebaseerd op de eigen fantasie.

De samenwerking tussen Denis Oudendijk van Refunc en Arno Scheper is speciaal opgezet voor Gogbot, waar Oudendijk als architect met industriële en harde materialen werkt, is juist Scheper verantwoordelijk voor de “software” en de publieke ervaring in de weke delen. Dit alles versterkt met een live soundtrack van Renzo de Man.

Uit dit een uniek samenspel, zal de ‘ Panopea Generosa’ ontluiken. De zwarte pulserende en kloppende blob, in de volksmond ook wel zeepiemel genoemd, is zowel in- alsook uitgang van en naar de harde transit bar gevuld met vuige fantasieen .

project by Denis Oudendijk , Arno Scheper, Renzo de Man and Frank Niessen impossible without Jeroen, Marjoor Lijntje, Mara and Gogbot.








Rotterdam, 2013-09-13

Part of the fase 2 interior for Milgro are these 4 office cubes Our client requested that they were made from ibc- containers, these were our leftovers from Manifesta 9 combined with wood from the ‘ Bijenkorf’.

As usual for Refunc we needed a hard deadline, which means onsite designing whilst building and testing all at once.

Changing tables, putting up curtains, finishing lights and creating more functional space for meetings and logistics…

team: damian, toon, george, frank, marieke, denis




The Hague, 2013-09-02

Interior for dakota theatre, made from old laboratorium tables which were saved from demolition in the same building where the office is located.

made by Jan Korbes, Denis Oudendijk and Toon Kennedy

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia 2013-08-12

Refunc was invited by Recycle City Group of Krasnoyarsk/Moscow to investigate and play with public space.

We activated the spaces around the local youth centre with local materials and involvement of local talent.

295 297 IMG_1006 IMG_1155 IMG_1537 IMG_1575 IMG_1599 IMG_1740

Palanga, Lithuania 2013-05-20

For the Lithuanian coastal town Refunc developed a conecpt how to integrate old toilet parts into public street furniture316a




Rotterdam, 2013-03-18

REFUNC plays with carpet tiles for Milgro



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The Hague, 2013-03-14

REFUNC designed and turned a silo into an bridge house with double ending bridge, which takes you over the fence and onto the dune towards the ‘Kuchen der Armen ‘ by Sjim Hendrix

The floor is made from used parkbenches, all the fences are made from used ladders, the bridges are from scaffolds, the foundation is made from Jan’s old cartyres filled with concrete.

designed and built by Jan Korbes, Denis Oudendijk, Damian van der Velden, Bart Groenewegen, Toon Kennedij and Sonja Volmer

in cooperation with Superuse Studios for ‘ Ja Natuurlijk’ at the GEM, who gave us only one brief …to build a bridge…




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The Hague, 2013-03-08

REFUNC researches the potential cultural value of an old alleyway in the centre of the Hague. First project for Hoogtij is to make the alleyway visible from the outside, in this case with a light fest with 200 balloons, 4 stroboscopes, 1 green tube light and two big fans….

Project by Denis Oudendijk, Damian van der Velden and Sonja Volmer

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Rotterdam, 2013-03-01

REFUNC designs and builds showcase from leftover pieces of the manifesta exhibition. For growing mushrooms on used filter coffee (GRO- Holland)

designed and built by jan korbes, denis oudendijk and sonja volmer for superuse studios





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Polish’ Wroclaw, 2013-01-10

REFUNC transformed 30 old pallets into a little hideout. All based on a mysterious leftover from, what we think, an old advertisement pole… freestanding micro architecture!

Built, demolished, rebuilt!

project by Damian van der Velden and Jan Körbes

local day and night support by Gabriela Kowalska, Karol Przestrzelski, Paulina Anna Galanciak, Kuba and Rzemek



Genk, Belgium, 2012-04-04

Refunc located and adapted 400 PVC garden chairs (model ‘succes’) changing them into different levels which can be combined through holes in the seats, making it a chair or a table or a mix, visualizing a social structure, making networks etc. etc.

project by Denis Oudendijk, Jan Korbes, Jannick Besamusca, Toon Kennedy, Kay Klop

commissioned by 2012 architects for manifesta 2009


The Hague, september 2012

For Raumlabor Berlin and Todays Art, we advised, scouted, managed all wood and built together this enormous vortex made from local leftover wood see also Raumlabor Berlin

design raumlabor team: Markus Bader, Jan Liesegang mit Sam Dias Carvalho und Lise Koefoed Larsen, Jan Theiler, Gary Hurst, Andre Pfeiffer, Camille Lemeunier

the vortex was done in collaboration with: Refunc Denis Oudendijk, Jan Körbes, Damian van der Velden Boris Duijneveld and the loyal builders and volunteers of Todays Art

rl_vortex_00 rl_vortex_01 rl_vortex_09 rl_vortex_10 rl_vortex_19

Gelderland, Netherlands, 2012-09-30

Architectonical public space installation made of concrete breakwater blocks as functional sculputres in nature reserve Bato’s Erf.

made by Denis Oudendijk, Jan Körbes and Damian van der Velden


Budapest, Hungaria, 2012-09

Hungarian ‘Placcc’ festival invited REFUNC to investigate the urban space workshop with local waste materials. Together with Gergo Kukucska and a team of participants we developed URBAN SCANNERS made of used garbage bins to discover the public space from a different perspective. The public is invited to join this game and filter their everyday surrounding and interact with the continuously changing installation. We use the changing setup at different locations in the centre of Budapest to let the public interact in their own ways.

project by Denis Oudenijk and Jan Körbes with Gergo Kukucska









Warsaw, Polen, 2012-08

Research on experimental usage of unused advertisement structures We noticed several ad poles in Warsaw not used full-time, unused or even abandonned at different locations inside the city. As public big-scale advertisement is one of the characteristical  elements in Polish public space and endemic, we notice these constructions as chances to create living units in unusual places. Examples of extreme living or working can be the result. Minimal space with maximum efficiency and incredible views at unusual places. We want to use the chance to activate unused spaces, objects, views with relation to the direct surrounding. All materials used for building could be found locally, for example washing machine doors to become a facade.

project by Denis Oudendijk and Jan Körbes for FUTUWAWA,  project for futuristic and utopian visions of Warsaw and unrealized projects dedicated to specific urban space




Warsaw, 2012-07

public interaction installation Targowek is an outskirt far from Warsaw’s centre where life is tough and people come to live as housing is affordable. The local city government and NoMuda asked us to activate this unused public zone and develop an urban play installation for everybody of any age and background. Social interaction and a place to meet and communicate was the domain. We got inspiration feedback from locals passing and by living in this not very developed area but with lots of public space. After trying complex ideas we chose to stay close to the ground and develop a 2Dplus Deck with a big surface for everybody to hang, play, and chat. NoMuda found a sponsor to provide us with 200 half-size Europallets.

by Bart Groenewegen and Jan Körbes 

thanx to No Muda for inviting us

REFUNC Founders: Jan Körbes (DL) and Denis Oudendijk (NL)

Core Team expanded with Damian van der Velden, Bart Groenewegen.

project-wise super-assistence from: Boris Duineveld, Toon Kennedy George Koeze and Kay Klop

trainees: Frank Niessen, Marieke Huberts